Website infrastructure support.

 I provide expert support for data-driven website features such as physician finders, location search, contact forms, and event registration.
    Your source data, be it physician profiles, office locations, or consumer leads, lives in systems designed for internal use. I can work in those systems to export the data regularly for integration into your website, where your consumers can benefit from it.
    Your data probably contains ad-hoc abbreviations, typos, non-standard addresses, and redundant variations on the same information. My Java-based middleware can standardize and normalize your data, as well as geocoding and reformatting your addresses to comply with the USPS.
    Your consumers are looking for helpful information on your website. My middleware will drive your content management system's web services to create and link together web pages for physician profiles and office locations.

About Welden Consulting

Welden Consulting, LLC is the brainchild of Fred Welden, a software and website developer with over 35 years of experience in programming and website infrastructure support. He has developed desktop publishing software for the SAS Institute, written business support systems for the American Cancer Society, and created website infrastructure and interactive web features for the ACS and Emory Healthcare.